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The Besmed Compressor Nebulizer Minipressor NB-30600 is a high-quality, compact and portable nebulizer that allows you to easily deliver medication to the respiratory system. It features a powerful compressor that generates a fine mist of medication, which can be inhaled through a mouthpiece or mask. The Minipressor NB-30600 is suitable for use by both adults and children and is ideal for home or travel use. It is easy to operate and comes with all the necessary accessories, including a mask, mouthpiece, and a medication cup. With a low noise operation and a convenient carrying case, the Besmed Compressor Nebulizer Minipressor NB-30600 is a reliable and effective choice for delivering respiratory medication.


  • ‧Compact & light weight ‧
  • Low noise operation
  • ‧Palm size for easy usage
  • ‧Come with medical grade Non-PVC, Phthalate free, DEHP free
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