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The Carevision Stethoscopes Classic Plus is a high-quality stethoscope designed for medical professionals. It features a single-head chestpiece with a traditional bell, allowing the user to easily listen to low frequency sounds. The stethoscope also has a sensitive and accurate sound transmission system, with a stainless steel binaural and soft ear tips for comfort during long periods of use. The tubing is made of a durable and flexible material, and the stethoscope comes with a convenient carrying case for storage and transportation. The Carevision Stethoscopes Classic Plus is an essential tool for doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals, providing precise and reliable information about a patient's cardiovascular health.

Features of CareVision Classic Stethoscope

  • Compact and Durable Design
  • Stainless steel binaural
  • Non-chill rings for patient comfort
  • Quality plastic ear tips ensure a comfortable fit
  • Single lumen tubing with thick wall
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